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at least 30% of light duty private vehicles on the road are electric

Passenger vehicles including cars, SUVs, large pickups, and vans are the largest emitting group of transportation vehicles and represent the greatest opportunity for transportation electrification. To achieve an additional 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, TEP has set a goal for 30% of all vehicles on the road to be electric by 2028. To achieve this goal, TEP is pursuing innovative policies, partnerships and pilots to accelerate equitable EV adoption.

Current Value: 4.02%

Goal: 30%

Progress to Target



The LA Region is behind on getting 30% of all vehicles on the road to be electric by 2028, however, significant federal and state funding investments and regulations could spur faster adoption in the next few years to get the region on track.

TEP Progress and Milestones

By the end of 2022, in California about 3.8% of all light-duty passenger vehicles on the road were EVs and in LA County about 4% were. Key TEP achievements to accelerate progress include:

  • Passing SB 1251 (Gonzales) in 2022 with bipartisan support to create the nation’s first Zero Emission Vehicle Equity Advocate in state government;
  • Designing and implementing two successful EV Car Share pilots in DAC communities – in partnership with Pacoima Beautiful for the larger Pacoima community; and in partnership with Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles to serve the residents of the Rancho San Pedro affordable housing development.
  • Advocating for the successful reauthorization of the California Energy Commissions’ Clean Transportation Program that funds critical incentives for purchasing EVs.

Partner Progress and Milestones

In October 2023, Waymo launched its Waymo One Tour, giving Angelenos the opportunity to experience Waymo’s ride hailing service at no cost. Over the coming months, the Waymo One Tour is making its way through the city to various neighborhoods, or ‘tour stops,’ where people eager to experience the future of transportation will have an opportunity to receive a temporary code to try our rider-only service. Tickets unlock the ability to ride in the service area of the current tour stop for one week. All rides will be free and available around the clock. At Waymo’s first stop in Santa Monica and Venice, more than 1K Angelenos and visitors received tickets to ride in a Waymo One; thousands of trips took place.

Voltera has purchased multiple properties in the region to support rideshare electrification, including in Santa Monica and downtown L.A., with sites anticipated to launch in 2025.

Historical Trend

How we measure progress

EVs on the Road are tracked based on Data compiled by the California Energy Commission based on information from the Department of Motor Vehicles. The CEC’s Zero Emission Vehicle Dashboard can be found here.

Date Source: December 31, 2022