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5% of long haul trucks on the road are zero emission

To support our call to action to ensure the I-710 Corridor is the first zero-emission goods movement corridor in the nation, TEP acknowledges that the region needs to begin planning for infrastructure to support the long-haul truck trips that begin or end in Los Angeles County. The Partnership is working to understand the developing market for long-haul trucks, their patterns of operation in the County, and the strategic investments needed to reach state regulations.

Current Value: 0%

Goal: 5%

Progress to Target



Long-haul ZEV trucks are not anticipated to deploy until close to 2028.

Recent Progress and Milestones

In April 2023, CARB passed the Advanced Clean Fleets rule; for High-Priority Fleets, this requires 10% of Class 8 sleeper cabs (typically used for long-haul) to be zero emission by 2030, progressing to 100% by 2042.

Early data from the North American Council for Freight Efficiency’s Run-on-Less project shows the Tesla Semi consistently getting over 300 miles of range.

How we measure progress

LACI uses registration data available from EMFAC to count the proportion of Class 8 trucks in Los Angeles County. Data is collected and updated on a quarterly basis.

Date Source: October 2023