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60% of medium duty delivery trucks are electric

To support our call to action to ensure the I-710 Corridor is the first zero emission goods movement corridor in the nation, The Partnership has taken steps to help fleets and cities transition their medium-duty fleets to zero emission vehicles. This includes a nation leading zero emission delivery zone pilot in Santa Monica and launching a national zero emission cities challenge in partnership with Climate Mayors and C40 to reduce emissions from e-commerce and goods movement in participating cities across the country. This work includes efforts to transition last-mile fleet deliveries, which promotes curb management policies, business model arrangements and startup innovations. Working with fleets to accelerate last-mile deliveries will drive growth of the medium-duty ZEV population.


Current Value: 0.45%

Medium-duty Goal: 60%

Progress to Target



Advanced Clean Fleets requirements should drive adoption in the medium-term

Recent Progress and Milestones

In April 2023, CARB passed the Advanced Clean Fleets rule; for High-Priority Fleets, this requires 25% of box trucks and package delivery vehicles (typically used for long-haul) to be zero emission by 2028.

Most recently, TEP successfully advocated for the reauthorization of the California Energy Commission’s Clean Transportation Program which funds critical incentives for purchasing EVs.

Amazon aims for 100,000 Rivian vans in its fleet by 2030.

How we measure progress

LACI uses registration data available from EMFAC to count the proportion of Class 3-6 trucks in Los Angeles County. This information is updated on a quarterly basis.

Date Source: June 2023