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100% of Metro Buses on the road are Electric

The Transportation Electrification Partnership has set a goal of shifting 20% of all trips in single occupancy vehicles to zero emissions public and active transit by 2028. To support this goal and our overall goal of an additional 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, the Partnership has set an ambitious, but achievable 100% zero emission fleet goal for LA Metro and LADOT by 2028. This goal created elbow room for TEP Partner LA Metro to set its own 100% fleet electrification goal by 2030.

LA Metro has so far electrified 2% of it’s fleet of 2000 buses.

Current Value: 2.38% (44 of 2000)

Goal: 100%

Progress to Target



Bus electrification goals will also face obstacles with grid and charging infrastructure and vehicle costs. These could potentially threaten goal completion, however, significant federal and state funding investments and regulations could spur faster adoption in the next few years to get the region on track.

Recent Progress and Milestones


In 2018, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) mandated that California transit bus fleets must be zero-emission by 2040. Starting in 2029, mass transit agencies in California will be required to purchase battery electric or fuel cell electric transit buses for their fleets. CARB said it expected that municipal bus fleets would be able to meet the fully electric mandate by 2040. However, LA Metro has set it’s own goals more aggressive target of reaching 100% zero-emission buses by 2030.

Metro has received a $104-million federal grant for the purchase and deployment of 160 battery-electric buses as well as for the procurement and installation of en-route and depot charging stations.

Partner Progress and Milestones

LA Metro transitioned to an all-electric bus fleet on the popular Metro G (Orange) Line in the San Fernando Valley. It has ordered 95 additional electric buses, and 1000 are authorized for purchase.

How we measure progress

Updates for this target are measured via data collection from LA Metro on the progress towards their electrification goals. This data is aimed to be collected every quarter.

Date Source: October 2023