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100% of shared cars (e.g taxis and TNCs) are electric

The Transportation Electrification Partnership has set a goal of shifting 20% of all trips in single occupancy vehicles to zero emissions public and active transit by 2028. To support this goal and our overall goal of an additional 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, we have set a goal of 100% Taxis and Transportation network companies (TNCs) to be zero-emission.  The Partnership set the shared cars target to focus efforts on ensuring equal access to zero-emission transportation options, that are cost-competitive, safe, and convenient.

Current Value:

Goal: 100%

Progress to Target


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Recent Progress and Milestones

The Clean Miles Standard and Incentive Program – In 2018, California passed SB 1014, creating a Clean Miles Standards and Incentive Program to implement new requires for transportation network companies (TNCs) for innovative ways to curb GHG emissions as new mobility options grow at a rapid pace. It requires 2% of rides to be in electric vehicles by this year and would require 90% by 2030; By 2028, CARB has set an annual percent electric VMT (eVMT) target of 65% (up from 2% in 2023) and greenhouse gas target in grams CO2 per passenger mile traveled at 69 (down 252 in 2023). Lyft and Uber have set goals to be 100% electric.

Since adopting it’s shared cars target, the Partnership has designed and implemented two successful EV Car Share pilots in DAC communities – in partnership with Pacoima Beautiful for the larger Pacoima community; and in partnership with Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles to serve the residents of the Rancho San Pedro affordable housing development.

Further, the Partnership is working with Congresswoman Barragan on federal legislation, the EVs for All Act, based on the Rancho San Pedro EV car share pilot, to create a national program to fund EV car shares + charging at affordable housing developments and similar state legislation with State Senator Lena Gonzalez.

Partner Updates


  • Currently,  9% of Uber’s fleet is electric in California.  LA is Uber’s biggest EV market in the Country.
  • As part of it’s plan to begin operations in the LA region, From October 2023 until March 2024, TEP Partner Waymo is touring various neighborhoods in LA to offer Angelenos a unique opportunity to experience Waymo One, their fully-autonomous ride service, at no cost.

How we measure progress

LACI aggregates multiple sources of data to estimate the number of Taxis and TNC vehicles on the road. LACI collects Los Angeles County data from LADOT and TNCs.

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